What is a Transaction Coordinator?

Great question!  The term “transaction coordinator” has been loosely used within the real estate industry since the early 1990′s.  It was the “catch all” phrase for anyone responsible for handling the paperwork at escrow companies, real estate companies, and even lenders.  You may have also heard of them called Escrow Coordinators, Transaction Managers, or Transaction Administrators.

In this market, due to the increased requirements of real estate law, the need for an efficient, reliable and experienced Transaction Coordinator (TCs) has also increased. Generally, Transaction Coordinators provide administrative support specifically to real estate agents and brokerages.  They aid in the coordination of all related parties and their paperwork making sure that brokerage and state requirement are met.

Now, there are those TCs out there that just … do the job and charge at a low rate.  However, that usually means you also get what you paid for.

We, at KeyTC Solutions, believe that successful real estate agents and brokers deserve an efficient, reliable, and experienced Transaction Coordinator and we become an extension of you and your businesses.  Successful agents and brokers understand they cannot “do it all” and, also, should NOT do it all.  In fact, they understand that they are more effective professionals focusing on what makes them more money…”writing contracts and cashing checks!

Transaction Coordination is our specialty and what we love doing, and it shows in our work!

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